Day to Day Information

Getting to School

Rutherford College has two entrances.  The main entrance is 18-20 Kotuku Street.  The rear entrance (pedestrian only for parents and students) is 33 Toru St – near the end of the cul de sac.​

Catching the Bus

School Buses

The College operates a Ritchies school bus that follow this route.  This costs $28.00 for a 10 ride concession card or $3.00 for single bus rides, this can be paid in cash to the driver.

Departing from Westgate at 7:05am: Hobsonville Rd, Wisely Rd, Marina View Rd, Luckens Rd, Widmore Rd, Royal Rd, Spargo Rd, Colwill Rd, Royal Rd, Don Buck Rd, Waimumu Rd, Triangle Rd, NW Motorway, Te Atatu Rd, Kotuku St.

For more information please contact Ritchies Buses on (09) 833 6053

Auckland Transport – Public Buses

Two main bus routes from Glendene (013) and Henderson (131) drop off at Rutherford College. For additional information please go to

New Bus Service

Auckland Transport will be running an extra school bus as S213 from 27 May 2024, this service will depart from Gloria Ave to support the current capacity on public route 13 which is also getting delayed at Te Atatu Interchange.

The full route description is below.

It will do exactly the same route as the current 13 from Gloria Ave onwards and will finish at Henderson Station.

S213- Old Te Atatu schools to Henderson Bus Interchange (Rutherford College)

Start Time : 3.20pm

Gloria Ave (5072), Old Te Atatu Rd, (R) Te Atatu Rd, Continue on Te Atatu Rd, (R) Great North Rd, ( R) Edmonton Rd, Roundabout into Alderman Drive, ( R) Ratanui Street , Railside Ave, Stop B Henderson station( 5860)

Morning S013: Glendene to Rutherford College 




From 95 Barrys Rd, Hepburn, Great North, Te Atatu Rd, Tirimoana Rd, Divich Ave, Finlow, McLeod, Te Atatu Rd, Old Te Atatu Rd, Kotuku St, Rutherford College (approx 8:20am). 


Afternoon S013: Rutherford College to Glendene 




Rutherford College, Te Atatu Rd, Divich Ave, Tirimoana Rd, Te Atatu Rd, Great North Rd, Hepburn Rd, Barrys Rd, end at 98 Barrys Rd. 


Afternoon S014: Rutherford College to View Rd via Tirimoana Rd 




Rutherford CollegeTe Atatu Rd, Divich Ave, Tirimoana Rd, Te Atatu Rd, Great North Rd, View Rd, end at Holy Cross Church. 


After serving Rutherford College (5960) the next bus stop on route is on Te Atatu Rd by Royal View Road (5097).  

Find out about the new public bus routes here.   

Walking to School

Traffic is difficult around the motor way on ramps during the peak hour traffic in the morning. We recommend that where possible, students walk to school.

Some examples:

  • Walking from the Edmonton Roundabout to the back entrance of Rutherford College on Toru St is approximately 2km and should take less than half an hour (often quicker than the traffic). Anywhere north of the roundabout is the same distance, or even closer.
  • Walking from the main roundabout on Te Atatu Peninsula (where Te Atatu Rd crosses Taikata Rd & Harbour View Rd) is approximately 1.5km and should take less than 20 minutes.
Drop Offs and Pick Ups

Please avoid dropping off or picking up your student within or near the school entrance. Please be mindful of our neighbours and of the road markings. Rutherford Primary School is next door and there are many children of all ages in the area at these times.

The car park at the top of the driveway is allocated to specific staff members and formal visitors only. Please keep this area free.

Bringing Your Own Car

Students who must drive themselves to school must obtain a permit from Mr Wills, Deputy Principal. Any passengers must also have parent / caregivers written permission to ride in a student’s vehicle.

There is no student parking on school grounds.