Student Leadership
Every Student has the opportunity to step up and take a leadership role.
Becoming a Prefect

Every year 26 - 28 students are chosen to be Prefects. They undergo an interview process with the Principal and Dean of Year 13. To be a prefect is to embody the Rutherford Values. It means being of service to the school and the student body, representing them at special functions and events and organising activities and fundraisers throughout the year.

Being a prefect is a challenge and means showing reliability, responsibility, empathy for others and leading by example.

Head Prefect - Nina Lyon

Nina started her schooling at Peninsula Primary school, before leaving for Santiago, Chile with her family for 3 years. She then went to Te Atatu intermediate and finally Rutherford. 

During her time here she has been involved in water polo and swimming sports, concert band, feminism and enviro groups, student council, peer mentoring and now is head girl. Academically she aims to endorse all achievement standard subjects with excellence and obtain scholarships towards university. 

Her goals as Head Girl are to create a cohesive, fun and supportive culture around the school, where students are enthusiastic to participate in school activities and welcome new ideas, regardless of year level.

Head Prefect - Lorenzo Pearce

Lorenzo has always gone to local schools starting at Matipo Primary School, then Te Atatu Intermediate, and now wrapping it all up at Rutherford College. 

He’s always been involved avidly within his schools culture, having always played music every chance he could get. Now at Rutherford he takes part in even more, with Volleyball both in school and at the international level as well as sports committee, world scholars cup, and much more.

As a head prefect Lorenzo aims to provide for and lead the school in any way he can while maintaining a high standard of academic success. He intends to pursue sports at a high level throughout the rest of his school life and through university.

Prefects 2024

Ben Bentley

Benjamin is inspired to do the best of his ability as a prefect, to show integrity and kotahitanga, to help and support his peers, students, teachers and community. Benjamin joined Rutherford College in 2020 and has participated in the basketball team, being a peer mentor, helped the Rutherford 60th anniversary, and currently an ambassador. He will take this opportunity not only to perform his duties as a perfect but also to learn about himself, be confident and to be a good role model. 

Phoebe Chin

Phoebe is a Malaysian and Taiwanese Kiwi. She has been involved in various cultural commitments across the school including the: Environment Group, International Week Committee, Library Monitors, UNICEF and 40HR Famine; now having the privilege of being a prefect. Phoebe is also proud to be the third Rutherford prefect in the family. Her academic goals for this year are to endorse Level 3 with Excellence and to attain a scholarship to prepare her for further tertiary studies. 

Emmalia Day

Emmilia is very excited to be a prefect at Rutherford this year. One of her hobbies are going to the beach and spending time with her friends and family. She has been involved in many groups throughout her time at rutherford, including student council the stars peer mentor program and the school productions. Emmilia endorsed NCEA level 1 and 2 with Excellence and aims to endorse Level 3 as well. Other goals for 2024 are to enjoy her last year of school and also gain entrance to a Bachelor of Law at Auckland University 

 Niamh Dines

Niamh is a local, having attended Matipo Primary then Te Atatu Intermediate before starting at Rutherford College in 2020. Around the school Niamh has been involved in STARS Peer Mentoring, Peer Sexuality Support Program, and many of the performing arts showcases held by the school. Her goals for the year are to endorse Level 3 with merit or excellence, gain University Entrance, to meet new people and give back to the wider Rutherford community. During her time as prefect Niamh hopes to be a role model for younger students and create a positive, inclusive environment for people to learn whilst encouraging each other to be the best that they can be.

Donovan Gray

Donovan has been brought up in Te Atatu Peninsula, progressing through Peninsula Primary, Te Atatu Intermediate and finally Rutherford College (apart from a stint at Tirimoana Primary School). He’s been involved in school life throughout the past 4 years at Rutherford, playing Badminton and Tennis since Year 9, being in the Student Council for 3 years, participating in the 40 hour famine, completing the Duke of Edinburgh award and being a STARS Peer Mentor last year. Donovan’s academic goals for this year are to achieve NCEA Level 3 with Excellence Endorsement and gain subject scholarships. Donovan will also strive to give back to the flock that helped him so much, and he will voice what the people want, to ensure students are happy and enjoying their time at Rutherford College."

Josh Hewson

Josh grew up in Henderson, attending Henderson Valley Primary School, before moving to the Peninsula, going to Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford College. Josh has been involved in many teams and groups in and out of school, playing rugby and cricket for both school and club, playing baseball and softball, being a part of the sports committee for 3 years, now a prefect and the 2024 sports captain. As a prefect he hopes to leave a good mark on school where ever he can. In 2024, Josh aims to pass level 3 with Merit and gain UE, with hopes of going to AUT study a join degree in sports and rec and business, then moving into a sports management/sports business role.

Elizabeth Iosefo

Elizabeth started her schooling at Samoa Primary before moving to New Zealand in 2012, where she attended Pomaria Primary School, then Henderson Intermediate School and now finishing at Rutherford College. Over the years she has spent in Rutherford, she has been involved in many sports like volleyball, netball and badminton. Elizabeth was also involved in the peer mentoring programme and is now a Prefect  in her last year. Academically, Elizabeth aims to endorse with merit or excellence in all her subjects this year and a gain a scholarship to the University of Auckland, where she’ll pursue her dream of becoming a surgeon. Her goals as a Prefect are to be able to increase her problem-solving skills, improvement in communication and socialisation, but mostly to be a part of a group that is trusted by both teachers and students. The ultimate goal she has is being a positive role model to others and making her family proud, whilst remaining strong in her faith.

Charlie Isaacs Adshead

Charlie has grown up in Te Atatu Peninsula all his life having gone to Peninsula Primary then Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford College. He has been involved with many things such as  Water Polo, Rock Climbing, Duke of Edinburgh, STARS Peer Mentoring, Ball Committee, Tough Guy and Gal Challenge and Air Cadets at No.30 Squadron (Hobsonville). His Goals for 2024 are to endorse Level 3 with Excellence and to get into Engineering at the University of Auckland. His dream is to be accepted into the Navy’s Scholarship for Engineering and join the Navy as a Weapon Engineering Officer after completing his degree. As a Prefect, Charlie plans to strive to create a sense of belonging and bring Rutherford closer together as a community. All the while still having fun and leaving a positive mark on the school that teachers and students alike can look back on with a smile and perhaps a laugh.

Vito Kakurov

Vito is a Croatian born boy who had spent most of his life growing up in Henderson. Starting his schooling in Tirimoana primary, followed by Te Atatu Intermediate and now at Rutherford college. Vito has been involved in the 60th anniversary of Rutherford and several sports at the school, including the wrestling, futsal and football teams. His goals for 2024 are to give back to the school, achieving NCEA Level 3 with at least Merit and to encourage the students here at Rutherford to seek opportunities and reach their full potential by being more involved with various groups and teams around the school.

Geo Lee

Geo has been at Rutherford College since Year 9, and has been actively involved in the wider life of the school during her time here, such as peer mentoring, German teaching, and the sports committee. In her spare time, Geo enjoys going to the beach, baking and listening to music. Her goals for this year are make the most out of my last year of school and to meet new people. 

Anahita Madon

Anahita lives in Te Atatu South with her parents and brother. She attended Flanshaw Road Primary School and Te Atatu Intermediate before coming to Rutherford. Some groups she has been involved in include Peer Mentoring, Duke of Ed, Basketball, Rugby, LUV Music and Concert Band. Anahita’s goals for 2024 are to endorse NCEA Level 3 with excellence, achieve University Entrance and to be involved in sports. Anahita’s goal as a prefect is to give back to the school by helping provide fun activities for all students to enjoy throughout the year. In the future, Anahita would like to study engineering at university and specialise in mechanical engineering.

Timothy Mafi

Timothy started his journey on the island of Tonga. Then slowly migrated to Mount Wellington East Auckland, where he attended Panama Road School, He moved to West Auckland attending West Harbour School and Now Rutherford College. He has been involved in various groups such as rugby, volleyball, basketball, peer mentoring and now prefect. His goal for 2024 is to just pass NCEA Level 3 and to be a positive role model for the junior students by continuing to set the standards for the younger generation and try to look for ways to help around the school.

Shannan Parker

Shannan has grown up in Te Atatu all her life. Graduating from Tirimoana Primary, then Rangeview Intermediate and soon Rutherford College. Shannan has been involved in various groups ranging from Navy Cadets, Netball, Tennis, Peer Mentoring, Duke Of Edinburgh, Sports Committee and now Prefect. Shannan’s goal for 2024 is to help create a support programme for future Level 1 students through their first year of NCEA to help make their year more enjoyable. When Shannan graduates from Rutherford College she hopes to get accepted into the 2025 Navy intake as a Medic so she can soon help people from all over the world and make new memories.

Zoe Ukah

Zoe has grown up in Henderson all of her life after migrating from Thailand with her mum and older sister. Graduating from Holy Cross Primary School to Rangeview intermediate and soon Rutherford College. She has been involved in various groups such as netball, tennis, Studio show, peer mentoring, The African dance group and now prefect. Her goal in 2024 is to Endorse level 3 with Merit or Excellence and to discover what she is truly passionate about which will shape the path for her future at university. As a prefect she aims to support her fellow students and encourage them to push themselves out of their comfort zones by joining different groups around the school. 

Grace Vicelich

Grace is the third generation of her family to attend Rutherford College. She grew up in Henderson, but pursued an education in Te Atatu because she understood and resonated with the school values. She’s been apart of Fairy Bread since year ten, and she was a proud peer mentor last year. Her goals for 2024 are to become a safe space for her peer students throughout the school and to get her level three NCEA. 

Eleanor Vincent

Having grown up in Te Atatū Peninsula, Eleanor always knew that she would go to Rutherford College. Coming to Rutherford means that she is proudly following in her mother’s footsteps, and in the hall, she looks up to her uncle's name on the dux board. Eleanor has been involved in groups like netball, feminism club, enviro group, peer mentoring and has enjoyed them all. As a perfect she hopes to role model enthusiastic involvement in Rutherford life. In the future Eleanor hopes to attend med school and become a doctor as she believes it will be a challenging but fulfilling career. 

Timon Boyack

Timon has been involved in numerous activities around Rutherford College, usually sticking to the sports side of the school. Through the years he has been representing the school in volleyball, football, STARS Peer Mentoring, and the Rutherford Sports Committee. His goals for 2024 are an endorsement in NCEA Level 3 with Merit or Excellence, being a positive role model for this year, and leaving the school in the best possible condition for those coming after him. As a prefect, Timon will continue to support the school and its students, encouraging the school values, and being there for those looking for help.

Troy Kuka

Kia ora, Ko Troy Kuka toku ingoa, he uri ahau no Ngai te rangi, Waikato, me ngapuhi nui tonu. I noho ahau ki tamaki makaurau mo nga tau tekau ma toru, i muri i tera i haere ahau ki te tairawhiti mo nga tau e rua katahi ka hoki mai au ki tamaki i te tau rua mano rua tekau ma rua (2022). 

 During his 13 years in Tamaki Makaurau, Troy went to kohanga in the southside, attended Sunnyvale primary and then attended Rangeview Intermediate. After that, Troy’s whanau moved to Te tairawhiti ( gisborne) and he attended Gisborne boys highschool. After two years of being there he decided to move back to Auckland to be closer to his friends and attend Rutherford College. His goals as prefect and as deputy head boy of 2024 is to integrate more culture into our kura as I feel it will strengthen the bond between everyone and bring the school back to how it was before the covid 19 pandemic. 

No reira tena koutou, tena koutou, tena koutou katoa.

Lina Ghaeib Shihab

Having been brought up in West Auckland after being born in Iraq, Lina began her journey at Sunnyvale Primary School. She developed her leadership abilities at Rangeview Intermediate and is currently a proud Deputy Head Girl at Rutherford College. Lina has been involved in Student Council, Peer mentoring, African group, UN, environmental group, unicef, and basketball. She’s endorsed Level 1 with Excellence, Level 2 with Merit and is aiming to endorse Level 3 with Merit alongside gaining university entrance. 

Porschza Townsend

Porschza started her primary years in South Auckland before transferring to Peninsula Primary in year 4 and then continuing on to Te Atatu Intermediate and now Rutherford College. Porschza has been involved in various activities including netball, football, sports committee and has a passion for art. One of Porschza’s goals for 2024 is to ensure students feel safe and ARE safe in our school environment. Being the clear communicator between students and teachers. Porschza wants to leave Rutherford college with the knowledge that she has made a difference for future students and a safer environment for all.

Vainiaku Tupou

Vainiaku is of full Tongan descent. Throughout her years at Rutherford College she has been involved in Volleyball, Rugby Union, Student Council, Samoan Group, Tuvaluan Group, Band, Stars Peer Mentoring, PSSP, and now the Prefect Group. Her goals for 2024 are to complete NCEA Level 3 and make it into University. As a prefect she would like to encourage students to strive for personal excellence. Her advice to the younger students - make connections with the right people, get outside of your comfort zone to try new things and focus on what’s really important.