Student Leadership
Every Student has the opportunity to step up and take a leadership role.
Becoming a Prefect

Every year 26 - 28 students are chosen to be Prefects. They undergo an interview process with the Principal and Dean of Year 13. To be a prefect is to embody the Rutherford Values. It means being of service to the school and the student body, representing them at special functions and events and organising activities and fundraisers throughout the year.

Being a prefect is a challenge and means showing reliability, responsibility, empathy for others and leading by example.

Head Prefect - Shelby

Shelby is a proud Westie, born and bred in Te Atatu North. She attended local schools including Matipo Primary and Te Atatu Intermediate. Shelby is of Samoan and Niuean heritage and enjoys embracing, living and learning many aspects of her ethnicity and kiwi culture.

Involvement within the wider school life includes Netball, Softball, The School Production “You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown”, Peer Mentoring, PSSP, Cultural Committee, African Group and Ball Committee.

As Head Girl she aims to bring back school pride and show our community that Rutherford is still a great option especially as we are amongst such a sea of change. She encourages all students to strive for personal excellence by putting their best foot forward & doing everything to the best of their ability.

Head Prefect - Joel

Joel is the youngest – but biggest of the Gibson twins. His twin brother thinks he’s the better one, but Joel gives him a run for his money. When you them around school just remember – Joel has got the party at the back. Joel has a passion for all things outdoors whether that’s camping, fishing etc.

He is involved in multiple sports teams and enjoy all levels and types of sport and competition. He thrives on doing things with friend and family and is excited to get stuck into the role as head boy and see what new challenges and opportunities next year will bring. Joel is hoping to have more great times and make more great memories in his last year of Rutherford college.