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Cross Country

Cross Country

Cross Country

On Friday, May 10th, Rutherford hosted its annual Cross Country event at the Te Atatu Pony Club. The success of the day was owed to the hard work of the sports committee, and the sunny weather. Special recognition goes to the enthusiastic participation of the teachers, who joined students in navigating obstacles and traversing paddocks. 

There was tough competition, with races coming down to mere seconds among the top 10 finalists, showcasing the dedication of all participants. A big shout out to all those who participated and were involved for making it a memorable day.

Year 9 Girls

1)    Kate Wilcox

2)    Leila Richard-Masters

3)    Bella Huskin

4)    Shavaya Liuaga MacDonald

5)    Ruby Chung

6)    Indy Kuka

7)    Lilah Faulder

8)    Brooklyn Blyth

9)    Greta Igusa

10)    Kate Donald

Year 9 Boys

1)    Nima Saghary

2)    Lev Kuznetsov

3)    James Medina

4)    Iriarangi Ricketts

5)    Josh Martin

6)    Lucas Bieshaar

7)    Khai Robbins

8)    Cooper Hallett

9)    Luan Vega Marzano

10)    Dima Shalamkov

Year 10 Girls

1)    Zoe Gage

2)    Hazel Masters-King

3)    Ruby Godfrey

4)    Tasha Miller

5)    Truvy Hill

6)    Mikayla Tombs

7)    Tuva Botting

8)    Arai Costin

9)    Autumn Bell

10)    Roma Bowers-Fleming

Year 10 Boys

1)    Connor McKechnie

2)    Ronan Anderson

3)    Ariki Cooper

4)    Neeraf Prasad

5)    Jamie Thomas

6)    Ilya Klimovich

7)    Fortune Sibanda

8)    Oliver Williamson

9)    Zach Metcalf

10)    Gaspar Salgado

Senior Girls

1)    Amy Thomson

2)    Eleanor Vincent

3)    Indi Botting

4)    McKenzie Wheaton

5)    Amy Cosslett

6)    Annaliese Williamson

7)    Shannan Parker

8)    Georgia Grbic

9)    Charlotte Brain

10)    Zadia Paulse

Senior Boys

1)    Szymon Gruszczyk

2)    Dylan Chapman

3)    Deven Van Der Merwe

4)    Finn Boyack

5)    Finn MacEwen

6)    Blake Singe

7)    Oscar Le Meur

8)    Oga Takeuchi

9)    Jacob Wilson

10)    Max RobbMarkham

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