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Principal's Panui - 27 October 2023

Principal's Panui - 27 October 2023

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Kia ora ē te whanau ō te Kōtuku

This week we have had the privilege of being able to attend a number of important celebrations. Being able to gather as students, staff, and whanau and celebrate the progress and achievements of our students is always a highlight for me.

My thanks to all the staff who made the effort to make these award ceremonies so special. The contribution of your time, energy and care is reflected in the special and unique nature of our Pasifika Awards on Tuesday Evening, Arts and Cultural Awards on Wednesday night, Te Poho ō Hinekahukura celebration on Thursday night and The Annual Sports Dinner tonight.

Throughout the week I have been reminded that this this year has felt like we are getting the true Rutherford vibe and spirit back amongst the flock that existed pre-COVID. It has taken time, but it certainly feels like we are back on track.

Next week I look forward to our senior academic prizegiving and Year 13 leavers lunch.

Tribute to Ms Judy Farrar

On Friday last week we started the acknowledgment process with the poroporoaki for Judy Farrar, our Associate Principal of 14 years.  The following is a synopsis of my message to Judy to thank her not only for her outstanding contribution here at Rutherford but to education in New Zealand generally. 

Judy has been an outstanding educator throughout her distinguished career. As a community one of the single best things that happened during my tenure as principal was getting the opportunity to appoint Judy to the Associate Principal role. That was a piece of good fortune.

First and foremost, she has always been an amazing teacher as well as being a highly organised administrator and leader of people. The 14 years she has spent at Rutherford in her second stint here to bookend her career has been one of huge change. The great progress that our school has experienced is something that she can take a lot of credit for.

Her professionalism and dedication are stand out characteristics as is her sense of style. Those qualities have remained persistent and consistent throughout her career. The saying that form in life is temporary but class is permanent was made for someone like Judy. A class act who is highly respected admired and revered by students and staff alike.  

In Māoridom the Kōtuku is a symbol of something both wonderful and rare that occupies an important place in folklore. To be compared to a Kōtuku is a compliment of the highest order. Judy is a Kotuku both rare and special in what she has done in her career and particularly here at Rutherford, where she is part of our folklore.

One of the best pieces of advice one of my mentors Graham Henry gave me back when he was my boss at Kelston Boys was to always appoint people that were better at things than you are. It’s been lucky for all of us that I followed his advice and appointed Judy when I did.

Judy you are a wonderful person whose knowledge, energy levels, and care are extraordinary. What a privilege it has been to work alongside you and to have someone that I could trust. Work ethic, integrity, sharp of mind and good decision-maker.  

A special and rare human- A Kōtuku.

I am pleased that you feel the time is right and you can move on knowing that you have bookended your wonderful career in the place it began many years ago as first year teacher and have had the opportunity to share your skills, your warmth and aroha with this community. We have been so much better off for it. 

Hey Jude - Judy Thank you, it’s been a privilege and an honour to work with you.

Judy was presented with a korowai from the Board of Trustees and staff for her amazing contribution to Rutherford college.

Bus Timetable changes

As from Monday Nov 13th the 013 service to and from Glendene will change.

The morning run will remain as it is currently.

The afternoon from Rutherford will have two buses.

One will remain 013 the other renamed 014.

The 013 will continue to serve the current routes.

The 014 will use the current route until View Rd and then will divert at View Rd to end at Holy Cross Church.

All these services will run nonstop between Rutherford College and Royal View Rd along Te Atatu Rd.

Morning S013: Glendene to Rutherford College 




From 95 Barrys Rd, Hepburn, Great North, Te Atatu Rd, Tirimoana Rd, Divich Ave, Finlow, McLeod, Te Atatu Rd, Old Te Atatu Rd, Kotuku St, Rutherford College (approx 8:20am). 


Afternoon S013: Rutherford College to Glendene 




Rutherford College, Te Atatu Rd, Divich Ave, Tirimoana Rd, Te Atatu Rd, Great North Rd, Hepburn Rd, Barrys Rd, end at 98 Barrys Rd. 


Afternoon S014: Rutherford College to View Rd via Tirimoana Rd 




Rutherford College, Te Atatu Rd, Divich Ave, Tirimoana Rd, Te Atatu Rd, Great North Rd, View Rd, end at Holy Cross Church. 

Term 4 Events Changes in the School Day

Term 4 is a very busy time of the year and the school has a lot of different events occurring in the first few weeks. Some include early finishes and a staff only day 24 November. 

Upcoming Events:

Please note: 02 November - Change of start time - Senior Prizegiving is 6:30pm, as per the invitations - School Hall (approximately).

02 November – Last day for Year 11/12 and 13 students before exams start.

03 November - Leavers Lunch

06 November – NCEA Exams commence

04 – 05 December – Wider Living Events for Y9/10 students and School Production

07-08 December – Junior Prizegiving

08 December – last day of the school year

Fill The Blues Bus

The Blues have partnered with the Salvation Army with the aim to provide every child with a gift this Christmas. These gifts will then be distributed to children within the Blues region, from Cape Reinga to the Bombay’s via the Salvation Army. The cost-of-living crisis and economic climate is proving to be difficult for many families in our region, so if you are in a position to help the Blues spread some joy this festive season, Rutherford College will be serving as a drop off point for the community where you can drop off donated gifts (unwrapped). On Friday 1st December Blues players will be splitting off into three buses to collect the donations from our region. You can find more information about how you can help at the Blues website, along with gift ideas and other drop off points in the area:  https://www.blues.rugby/fill-the-bus 

A4 Fill The Bus Flyer Approved

Kia Kaha
Gary Moore

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